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Emergency Appointment

My husband was able to get an emergency appointment with Dr. Fye. He is amazing – very, very knowledgeable, very confident in his diagnosis. He answered all and any questions either of us had, was able to set up a surgery appointment within two weeks, and his P.A. was very informative about the surgery and risks. This doctor is a godsend to anyone with back problems.

Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend Dr. Fye to anyone. He always spent time with me at my appointments. The office staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and he thoroughly went over procedures before my surgery. I did very well. I really don’t have any complaints about my experience with him or his staff.

Living Again

I had suffered years with lower and upper back pain. I had three discs that needed repaired. Dr. Fye gave me back my life. It’s been two months since my surgery and I’ve not felt this great in years. When I first had the surgery, my instructions were to WALK, WALK, WALK! I did just that. When the pain would creep in, I would get up in the middle of the night and walk. Amazingly, the pain would leave my body; so his medical and professional advice is what gave me back my life. Don’t make more of it than needs to be. Rest, walk, and you will heal!

Pain-Free Again

I had my back surgery at AGH. I was terrified the day before. At the visit before my surgery, Dr. Fye explained my surgery and reassured me of all my concerns and questions. He did tell me to WALK, WALK, WALK. Immediately after surgery, I was up and walking. I never stopped. I would get up to walk in the early hours, and walk after I got home. My pain disappeared!!! I could not believe it! I had no pain. I’m still pain-free and I now walk five miles every day. Back surgery saved my life. Thank you, Dr. Fye!!